About Us!

Incorpotared in 2023

Workers and Learners in the domains of science, computer programmes, technology, research, and engineering get to experience a complete technique of delivering substantial academic and vocational information at ISVRx. Working on cutting-edge technologies and pioneering many domains of research.

Meet our Experts

Prof. Thais Russomano

Space Medicine Expert

Jacob Løfdahl

Danish Knowledge Management

Andy Gray

Stem Education Expert

Simon Gwozdz

Rocket Expert

Dr. Paul Zilberman

Advisory Board Member

Prof. Rajesh Chandra

Hon. Advisory Board Member || Ret. Prof. IIT Roorkee

Mr. Ashish Tyagi

Advisory Board Member

Lovey Tyagi

Advisory Board Member

Meet Us

Ankit Kumar

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Somen Samanta

Chief Information Officer

Shivani Khare

IT Head


Social Media Manager

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