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IndoplanetX Space Vault and Research Pvt. Ltd.

Unleashing potential at the nexus of EdTech and space exploration, bridging education with the limitless possibilities of cutting-edge research in space.


Igniting Minds, Propelling Innovation -
Where Education Technology Meets the Frontiers of Space and Research.

With a focus on space education, we ignite students' curiosity, guiding them towards the vast expanse above. Since inception, we've overcome challenges, boasting unmatched achievements in rocket launches. The ISVRx Learning Labs exemplify our commitment, showcasing innovation and leadership in shaping future space enthusiasts.

Here is what,
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Pioneering the future of rocketry, we lead with unparalleled expertise. Our achievements soar beyond limits, setting records in launches and shaping the trajectory of space exploration education.


Unlock the cosmos with our Cube Satellite Courses. Elevate your knowledge in communications and satellite design, shaping the future of space technology.

Drone Technologies

Explore the skies with our Drone Technologies program. Unleash your potential in building and operating cutting-edge drones, shaping the future of aerial innovation.

Space Medicine

Venture into the frontier of health beyond Earth. Discover our Space Medicine program, pioneering advancements to ensure well-being in the cosmos.

Astronomy and Space Research

Embark on a cosmic journey with our Astronomy and Space Research initiatives. Uncover the mysteries of the universe through groundbreaking research and exploration.

Robotics and AI

Dive into the synergy of Robotics and AI at the forefront of innovation. Our programs empower learners to explore cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of automation.

Our Mindset!

Global Learning

At ISVRx, our vision is to forge an open learning platform accessible to all global students. We pioneer applied technology and project-based learning, fostering inquiry, collaboration, and innovation. Our commitment extends to Space Awareness Activities, Educational Programs, and Research & Development in Space Exploration Technologies.

Internship Ignition

Empowering young minds is our mission through diverse internships in Rocketry, Satellites & Communications, Drone Technologies, Space Medicine, Astronomy, Space Research, and Space Rover programs. Our hands-on internships provide students with valuable experience, exposing them to the thrilling world of space exploration and technology.

Innovation in Space Exploration

Actively engaged in space research and development, our current focus is on pioneering a reusable rocket with open-fearing technology. This innovative approach emphasizes sustainability, allowing components to be recovered and reflown. Our dedication to advancing rocketry and SS motors underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of space capabilities.

Advancing Rocketry Horizons

ISVRx stands at the forefront of rocketry innovation with a dedicated mission to propel the industry forward. Focusing on the development of cutting-edge technologies, our primary emphasis lies in crafting reusable launch vehicles. By strategically reusing rocket stages, our mission aims to not only enhance operational efficiency but also significantly reduce costs. In doing so, we contribute to the realization of a sustainable future in space exploration. Our journey is a testament to our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and fostering progress in the dynamic field of rocketry.

Innovation for a Sustainable Tomorrow

At ISVRx, our commitment to advancing the horizons of rocketry extends beyond technological breakthroughs. It represents a holistic approach to shaping a sustainable future for space exploration. Through the development of reusable launch vehicles, we not only pave the way for cost-effective space missions but also embrace eco-friendly practices. This strategic focus aligns with our vision for a future where space exploration is not only groundbreaking but also environmentally responsible. ISVRx's journey in rocketry exemplifies a forward-looking commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

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